ITINERARY, Socotra Best Experiences Tour, 8 days/7nights

Notice: This is a tour itinerary recommended based on our years of experience. It is possible to provide different variants of the tour based on your own requirements.

DAY 1) Arrival on Socotra, Delisha beach, Hadibo city (overnight in Hotel)
  • welcome and pick up at the airport
  • lunch at a restaurant in Hadibo
  • accommodation at the Hotel and a short refreshment
  • transport to Delisha Beach, you can relax and take walks in the surrouding area
  • you will enjoy sunbathing, swimming, climbing a sand dune, and you can watch a beautiful sunset
  • dinner at a restaurant Hadibo and overnight in the Hotel
DAY 2) Wadi Kalesan, Arher beach
After breakfast crossing into the interior of the island and an easy one-hour trek down to Wadi Kalesan, one of the most beautiful wadis on the island, which is lined with white rock formations, where you can enjoy beautiful fresh water and see endemic plants species, crabs and other animals. After refreshment and a picnic lunch, climb up for an hour and a half on easy terrain back to the car and crossing by car to the Arher area - the easternmost part of the island's promontory, up to 150m high sand dunes that rest on a limestone rock massif and a place that is famous for beautiful sunrises. You can climb the sand dune and experience the unique scenery created by the prevailing westerly winds, the sand from the sea and the contrast of the dark rock cliff.. The uniqueness of this place is enhanced by the stream surrounded by green grass. If you are lucky, you can observe or try to catch freshwater eels in the dark. Dinner and overnight at Arher campsite.
DAY 3) Hoq Cave, Dihamri protected area, Homhil protected area

Early in the morning after breakfast, a short crossing by car to the vicinity of the Hoq Cave. With a local guide, you will reach your destination after about 2 hours of ascent. The cave system is about 10 kilometers long (only the front part is accessible ). Be prepared that there are no lights inside. The reward will be a tour of thousands of stalagnites and stalagnates, and after about a kilometer inside you will reach a fascinating lake.

After this more challenging trek from the cave, we move to the nearby Dihamri protected area, the richest coral reef, where you can snorkel and see the amazing underwater world just a few meters from the shore. Moray eels, parrot fish in schools, stingrays, sea urchins and many other underwater animals will make you feel like you are swimming in an aquarium.

After lunch transfer to Homhil plateau - an amazing place on the northeastern tip of the island with a large concentration of Dragon's blood trees (Dracaena Cinnabari ) , desert roses and frankincense trees. In addition to exceptional plants, the biggest attraction on the Homhil plateau is also the infinity pool. It is a natural lake located on the edge of a rock ledge and fed by several small streams.You can swim here, observe freshwater crabs and at the same time enjoy the fascinating view of the Arabian Sea. Dinner and overnight at Homhil campsite.

DAY 4) Amak (Omaq) white sandy Indian ocean beach, Hayf (Zahaq) sand Dunes, Dagub cave
If you wake up early in the morning, you can once again enjoy a short swim and the surroundings of the unique Homhil plateau. After breakfast, we will head to the less populated southern coast of Socotra to the beautiful turquoise blue Indian Ocean and a place of endless white sand beaches.
A relaxing afternoon awaits you, you can rest in the shade of palm trees or fully enjoy swimming, sunbathing and exploring the surroundings. At sunset we will visit the beautiful sand dunes near the village of Hayf. A beautiful place that evokes a sense of calm is incredibly photogenic. Depending on the time, we will visit the Dagub cave today or tomorrow morning on our way inland. At the entrance to the cave, the most valuable item of the dry south coast – pure water – flows down the impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations. A number of animals find refuge in the cave, especially bats and rorys. It is possible to drive directly to the cave. Lunch/Dinner and overnight at Amak campsite.

DAY 5) Dixam Plateu, Derhur Canyon/ Fermhin Forest

After breakfast we return by car back inland to the Dixam plateau. The massive gorge crosses the Dixam plateau with walls up to 700 meters high in some places and creates a dominant view of the surroundings.

From the plateau we will descend by car into the Derhur Canyon, lined with date palms and you can swim in several clear lakes. The color contrast of the surroundings is reminiscent of scenes from Jurassic Park.

After lunch we will take a short drive to the isolated plateau of forest Fermhin, which is enclosed by deep canyons. Nowhere else in the world can you find Dragon´s blood trees (Dracaena Cinnabari) in such concentration as here. The characteristic appearance of this monocot plant and the age of most of them will captivate you

Something special:

Among the oldest ecosystems on Earth are the forests with Dragon´s blood trees (Dracaena Cinnabari) , which date back to the Tertiary period.

The Dragon´s blood trees (Dracaena Cinnabari) is a symbol of the island, it grows to a height of 10 meters, with its wide crown and shape it resembles an umbrella or a gigantic mushroom. The highly valuable dragon's blood, or red sap, is literally a treasure. It has strong medicinal effects and its use is also in demand in the cosmetic industry.

From the local families, you can buy this treasure in small quantities and try the beneficial effects - dragon's blood!

Dinner and ovenight at Fermhin forest.

DAY 6) Qalansiyah, Detwah Lagoon

After breakfast in Fermhin, we will drive to the western part of the island of Socotra and at the same time the second largest city of Qalansiyah. This breathtaking view of the Detwah Lagoon is enhanced by the turquoise color of the sea and the snow-white sand that creates incredible scenery. Detwah is full of life, you can observe stingrays, turtles, inflatable fish, octopuses and other amazing fauna of this unique location.

The sunset is also breathtaking, and you can enjoy it in one of several places to choose from.

Lunch/Dinner and overnight in Detwah campsite.

DAY 7) Qalansiyah, Shoab beach ( Boat Trip ) , Hadibo

In the morning, after breakfast, we leave Qalansiyah for a boat trip to the famous Shoab Beach. Along the way, in addition to meeting fishing boats, there is a huge chance of an extraordinary encounter with dolphins. And the happiest ones might meet a huge shark.

By boat, you will pass gigantic rock massifs that line deserted small sandy beaches, cave formations and are inhabited by flocks of cormorants.

Shoab is a beautiful beach, many visitors insist that it is the most beautiful in Socotra. You will swim in turquoise water, relax under the mangroves and enjoy your last day on the magical island.

After return by boat to Qalansiyah and Detwah Lagoon lunch will be prepared and drive back to Hadibo – approximately 1,5 - 2 hours.

If you are in the mood in Hadibo, you can buy a few small things and visit the local market.

You will check in at the Hotel and after a light rest you will have your last dinner at the restaurant.

DAY 8) Departure from Socotra

  •  check out from Hotel
  •  breakfast at a restaurant Hadibo
  •  transport to the Socotra airport