Transportation and accomodation

"airport to airport" everything is covered, it means that we take care of you from the time you are picked up at the airport, where you meet your driver and guide, until the last day when you say goodbye to them at the airport.

We only operate Toyota Landruiser vehicles of high quality and reliability. We emphasize the safety of our clients in challenging off-road conditions, therefore the experience of the drivers is an important factor. Only highly experienced drivers working for our company for a long time.

In addition to safety, our team ensures comfort for clients, from entertainment to careful provision of the campsite.¨
Camping is the best option to get to know all the beauties of the island, so every night you will sleep in your own private tent and in a different exposed place.
We own several types of tents and choose the most suitable one according to the weather, season and way of use.

Only in the capital city of Hadibo and its immediate surroundings is it possible to stay in a hotel. It is necessary to know that the standard of hotels (there are only a few of them) does not reach world standards. These are mostly air-conditioned double and multi-bed rooms with a private bathroom (sometimes a Turkish toilet). The best hotel in Socotra, standard 3*, is newly opened, this hotel is not part of our VIP/Comfort tour, but it is possible to request an extra price offer.

For the 2024/2025 season we have opened a new campsite on the south coast at Aomak Beach. One night is planned here in the week-long tour. This is the first and private camp in Socotra, exclusive and only for our guests of Socotra Exclusive Tours. The 3000 m² beach area is fully fenced to ensure privacy. The campsite has three European-style toilets and showers, as well as two natural shelters that provide shade for relaxing and eating.