Fishing on Socotra

Fishing is one of the important means of support for the aborigines. The locals also hunt sharks. It is even said that they were the first ones to do so. They set out late in the afternoon and sail for 4 hours to the open sea and places known for the presence of sharks. The bait is spiked on a large hook, which is welded on leaders from a steel wire and attached to the boat. They fish the whole night and return in the morning with their catch. You can join the fishermen on their trip and watch them at work.

If you are an ardent fisherman, fishing can be the main activity of your stay. The greatest catch on Socotra is the great barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda).

It is possible to arrange a fishing trip for the whole afternoon for individuals or groups. After your return, you can have your catch prepared in one of the eco camps.