What you need to know

How to get there - Weekly NON-STOP DIRECT FLIGHT from Abu Dhabi that is scheduled for every TUESDAY and FRIDAY.

Abu Dhabi to Socotra, flight NO 476, AUH 09:25 – SCT 10:40
Socotra to Abu Dhabi, flight NO 477, SCT 12:10 – AUH 15:25

We will help and assist you to get a ticket for this flight which cannot be booked online.

Notice - We recommend planning your trip well in advance! There is only a limited number of tickets per week.

Visa applications - We will take care of the entire process of obtaining a visa for you, it takes a few days and you just need to send a copy of your passport.

Money - Please note that there are no ATMs or credit cards facilities on Socotra. So please bring your money in cash. (Dollar or Euro).

Weather and seasons – From October to February the Weather condition are very pleasant with temperature around 28-30°C, ideal for all adventure and various activities. From March to end of May is the warmest period, a temperature of around 35°C is characteristic, the season when desert roses bloom, with very calm sea and very good disability. Monsoon heavy rains and winds during the monsoon season from June to September are not climatically suitable for visiting.

What to wear – Please ensure you dress recpectfully. Kness and shoulders should be covered during visit public places ( airport and Hadibo city ), women will be greatly appreciated if they cover their hair with a scarf in this public places.

Camping Food/Drinks/Refreshments - Depending on which part of the island we are in, we provide the freshest quality food, fish, seafood in coastal areas and fresh meat such as chicken, sheep or goat in the interior of the island. We use cold boxes with ice to ensure refreshments and keep food in good condition. Let us know any food requirements, such as vegetarianism or allergies, so that we are prepared for any changes to the menu.

Sufficient supply of water is always essential during Socotran tours and treks, so we provide an unlimited amount for each individual.

Staying hydrated is important.

While bottled water is cheap and plentiful, it's better to refill existing bottles than to keep buying more to minimize plastic waste.

Personal hygiene -New exclusively for our guests. For the 2023/2024 season we have opened a new campsite in the south coast area at Aomak Beach. This is the first and private camp on Socotra, exclusively and only for our guests of Socotra Exclusive Tours. The 3000m2 beach site is fully fenced for privacy, the campsite has 3 European style toilets and showers as well as 2 natural shelters to provide shade for relaxing and dining.

There are already others several campsites on the island where you can use shared toilets and showers with fresh water. Some days, however, we camps in places where they are not available.

The most pleasant refreshment is in a natural bath - wadi pool. Do not contaminate fresh water with soap or shampoo and do not use these products.

Socotra has a lot of beautiful beaches and although the salt water is not ideal for washing, it will leave you feeling less dirty. Nothing beats waking up with the sunrise, climbing out of your tent and diving straight into the sea.

Rubbish - We have a dedicated trash bag around your camp and we throw all your trash into it right away so you don't forget it or get blown away by the wind. It is our responsibility and duty to make sure we clean up after ourselves.